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Search Engine Optimization through Keywords

Keyword research – Keyword research is very important to your business so that customers/buyers are able to find your website. It is one of the most important steps to begin on your road to success.

Finding the right keywords takes time and research. In our process, we use several different tools to find the keywords that will help YOU be found on the internet, to help optimize your website and for higher placement in search results.

We must combine competitor research, strategic thinking, keyword density formulas, and more in order to give your business better placement. This can be a lengthy process but, one that is absolutely necessary for your business.

Are your keywords yielding you the business you want?



We evaluate your current keywords (from a list you supply) and offer additional suggestions and tips.  

This is done via email and is the least expensive of the three services.



We evaluate the effectiveness of your current list of keywords, perform competitor research and strategize the most effective ones to use for your business. 

 We provide you with 15-30 minute conference call to discuss our findings of our research and provide suggestions on how to improve your ranking in organic search results.




We research your given field/industry, explore your competitors, strategic planning of keywords, keyword density for performance of top 10 -15 keywords, and provide optimization planning for web layout and content.

We provide you with a 15-30 minute pre - conference call, written report and a post conference call of up to 1 hour to strategize and ensure you understand all written results.

SEO Monitoring and Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization Maintenance – Search engine optimization is about using several techniques and best practices to improve you natural search engine rankings. Most consumers are not going to search page after page of the results that are served up to them in Google. Instead they will view what is on the first page or two. It is our goal to ensure that you are on those two pages with continued improvement month over month using these “white hat” techniques.

Please be advised that we do not use the techniques out there that may have your website penalized and even dropped from search engine results altogether. We use skill and proven techniques instead of the ones that could actually harm your position.

After purchase of Keyword Package

$25.00 per month for a minimum of 3 months 

The three month min. is required so that we can ensure success to continue to monitor your position and make changes as needed to get you placed higher.  You will be given details each month on strategy and success of our strategy for your business.  Should you wish to continue after the 3 month process each additional monthly fee will be $25 for a long as you need our service in this area.  Access to your website may be required to properly perform all this entails.

Content Planning & Writing for Optimization in Search Engine Results

Content Planning for Optimization – There are things that you can say in the body of your website that will actually help with your placement in the search engine results page. We help write your content for your website with placement in the search engines in mind or make changes to your existing content for better search engine results.

We also do your facebook or other social media platform content for you as well.  See more details on the social media page.

Do you know what you want to say but, not how to say it? We are determined to get it right for you in your brand voice while optimizing what content is used and how it is used to benefit your business.

Rates depend on how many pages of content you want us to review and optimize. Contact us for more information.