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Who We Are at Competitive Advantage

At Competitive Advantage Business Solutions, LLC, we are focused on providing  excellent services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations, deadlines and help YOU achieve your business goals.

With a variety of services to choose from, we can be your one stop shop for your business needs. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Check back often for new updates to our website.

Why Us?

I understand how busy you are, how hard you work, how there is not enough hours in a day and how important your web presence is to the success of your business. 

Over the years,  I have successfully managed many types of businesses;  finance companies, hotels, landscaping companies, vet clinics,successfully bred & raise australian shepherds and breed and raise a heritage breed of grazing pigs, KuneKune Pigs while working a full time job as well.  I understand your challenges!  I can help you have more time for the things that you enjoy.

One of the things that I enjoy most in my professional life is building a reputation and watching a company grow.  It is exciting to watch the impact you can make on the success of a business and now I get to do that over and over for a wide variety of businesses.

I have watched those new to breeding livestock fail and sell off their livestock.  It put an end their dreams too many times.   This has prompted me to start a company in which I can offer services to assist those business and many other types of  businesses as well thrive and grow. 

Not everyone is good at everything.  Maybe you are wonderful at doing certain areas of your business and find other areas very challenging. That is where I can help! .  As I mentioned, building a business can be challenging and sometimes you just need some assistance.

Competitive Advantage CAN make a difference to your success.